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Shall We Date?: My Sweet Prince ❤ Nagit ❤

MY FAVOURITE! XD MY FAVOURITE! XD MY FAVOURITE! XD EHEHEHEHEHE I know that he's like 16 so he's the youngest buuuuutttt he's so cute! X3 You can't help but go "n'aaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwww! :3" This is Nagit! The third dateable character! :D Ooh :o Let us see how this goes! :D

Sure as sugar

Chapter 1:
You're all kids.
Thank you!

Chapter 2:
I had fun.
I'll get fat.

Chapter 3:
Protect the boy.
I didn't think.

Chapter 4:
You fooled us.
Work hard for it.

Chapter 5:
I don't like it.

Chapter 6:
I'm with Nagit!

Chapter 7:
Are you jealous?
Show spirit.

Chapter 8:
Have to shape up!
Hold his hand.

Chapter 9:
Be the new king!
I won't give up!

Chapter 10:
Good to see him.

Chapter 11:
Great timing.
All right.

Chapter 12:
Happy Princess
You must be tired
That was good tea.
Thanks for today.
Playing tag.
This'll be fun!
Sorry about today.
I'm so happy.
Don't say that.