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Shall We Date?: My Sweet Prince ❤ Lambert ❤

This is going to be a walk-through for 'Shall We Date: My Sweet Prince' :D I discovered these awhile ago and thought "you know what, I'm help people who want to get the perfect score!" And so now you have it!
This is Lambert first, my least favourite -_- but because he's first on the list he's going to be first :P YAY! ^-^ I've gone through trial and error to get the right answers so be proud xD any who you'll get with all of them:

Right Answers
Love Letters

I'm not giving pictures because I know how disapointing it can be to see the pictures before you've got them :D

So lets begin! ^-^

Sure as Sugar

Chapter 1:
He's a bit scary...

Chapter 2:
Such penmanship!
Try adlibbing?

Chapter 3:

Chapter 4:
Help with work.
Cute clothes.

Chapter 5:
This is better.
Isn't it tiring?

Chapter 6:
Graceful lotus.
How do you feel?

Chapter 7:
Call a therapist.
Even the palace?

Chapter 8:
Apologize anyway.
Felt happy.

Chapter 9:
Tell Lambert.
Do you hate me?

Chapter 10:
Apologize first.
Is there someone?

Chapter 11:

Chapter 12:
Happy Princess

No Subject
No Subject
No Subject
No Subject
I don't know.
Don't misunderstand
I'm glad